Results Clavis Saint Petersburg 2020

Category: Сontest "Clavis St. Petersburg" Written by Piano Festival Clavis

Dear participants!

We sincerely congratulate to your results!

We enjoyed your piano art into the night until the last moment of today!

It was not easy to be a judge, but the members of jury have been able to make the right decision. In addition to the ranking prizes, which we will publish in July after the second competition.

We thank all teachers whose work is behind every piece. Each teacher receives a “Diploma Teacher” for this achievement. We also thank the parents who support their children at all times!

We wish everyone a good time and we hope, we will see each other in July online again!

Don’t forget, even despite differences in the results, YOU ARE ALL GREAT ARTISTS!



We invite everyone to a baroque concert online on June 4th.

Sofia Gandilyan plays for you preludes and fugues by J.S. Bach on harpsichord.

Livestream takes place at 7 pm: J.S. Bach, "Das Wohltemperierte Clavier“ Sofya Gandilyan, Cembalo 


Results Clavis Saint Petersburg 2020, document in pdf format

The international piano competition „Clavis“ 2020 (The greeting of jury)

Terms & Conditions

Category: Сontest "Clavis St. Petersburg" Written by Piano Festival Clavis

Age groups (A participant's age on the opening day of the festival & contest "Clavis St. Petersburg" is the age that counts )

Fees: 90,00 euro 

Festival Clavis

IBAN: DE 46711200770375603527


Bank: Hypovereinsbank

Clavis - Name of participant 

Age group "Q":  to 8 years; Free program up to 7 min.
Age group "A": 9-11 years; Free program (A Baroque work) up to 12 Min
Age group "B": 12-14 years; Free program (A Baroque work) up to 15 min
Age group "C": 15-17 years; Free program (A Baroque work) up to 20 min
Age group "D": 18-29 years; Free program (A Baroque work) up to 25 min

All works must be performed by heart. The program should include at least 2 works of different character. All age groups except "Q" are to perform a work from the Baroque period. The duration of the program (see above) is to be strictly adhered to.
The jury will evaluate the program according to the 25-point system. The participants with the score 23-24 achieve a 1st prize; with 21-22 a 2nd prize and with 17-20 a 3rd prize. There will be one Grand Prix awarded once in the competition with 25 points (independent of age group). The jury is allowed to reward the work of the teachers with special prizes and certificates. Likewise, the jury may award individual participants a special diploma for specifics and talents on the program played. All participants scoring  will receive a certificate and gifts.

The organizers or the judges have the right to reject the application if the program does not correspond to the level of the age group. In this case, the participant may register once more with another program.
The jury only has information on the name, age, program of the participants. Jury members are not allowed to evaluate their own pupils.
The final composition of the jury will be announced on the opening day of the festival.

The results will be determined after a brief jury discussion at the end of the performances of each age group.
The results are irrevocable and incontestable. Legal recourse is excluded. Through the application each applicant accepts the conditions of participation. A registration is only valid with full details. The competition is open to the public and accessible to all audiences.
The jurors are experienced pianists and piano educators from Europe, Asia and the Russian Federation.
Participation in the Gala Concert for each participant, as requested and desired by the jury, is obligatory and will not be specially favored. The Gala Concert program will be determined and posted by the jury at the end of the competition. Award of the prizes and diplomas will take place exclusively at the Gala Concert.
The documents and paid fees are not refundable. Organizers are not responsible for the veracity of the documents and are not obliged to check them. Each participant is to be registered with an identity card or birth certificate or to  prove identification on the day of their performance. All participants are responsible for accommodation, food, travel expenses, visa and the like. The organizers will make every effort to provide the necessary instruments and warm up time. The participants, after confirming the registration, will receive by mail their warm-up and age group performance times as well as of master classes and seminars.



Age groups "Q" to "D" Diplomas: a free invitation to the next festival "Clavis"

Max Rill Castle / Reichersbeuern Germany

Petersburg Composers Prize

Eena Cobb Starprize / London - England
Spezial Prize Royal Albert Hall London!
Here you can select the available musical work to perform

The Foundation for the development of Musical arts Fabio Mastrangelo /Symphony Orchestra conducted by F. Mastrangelo)

Symphony Orchestra conducted by S. Stadler

Klaviersalon & Tonstudio Munich

Bogolubov Castle Moskow

Saint Petersburg state budgetary cultural instution "Peterburg Concert" 

Interregional Union of Concert Performers Saint Petersburg

International Competition Feurich / Vienna

Elevato Internationale Jugend und Kinder / Salzburg

Steinway Piano Gallery - St.Petersburg