Sofia Gandiljan

Sofia Gandiljan / Music Festival „Clavis“

S. Gandilyan (b. 1984) is a harpsichordist, fortepianist, and PhD musicologist. Sofya has won scholarships and awards from the Austria Barock Academy, the Shostakovich Foundation, and the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst [DAAD]. In May 2012, Sofya was a finalist and received an Honorary Mention Prizein the “Prague Spring” harpsichord competition.

In 2014, Ms. Gandilyan received the Outstanding Foreign Student Award of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for her excellent achievements at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich.

In August 2015, Ms. Gandilyan won 2nd place in the oldest Early Music competition, the Musica Antiqua in Brugge. Sofya graduated cum laude from the Moscow State P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory in musicology. In 2012 Sofya received a doctoral degree in musicology from the Moscow Conservatory with her dissertation on J.J. Froberger and his keyboard music. Ms. Gandilyan obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the early music department of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, where she took harpsichord classes from the world renown harpsichordist Chr. Schornsheim. Ms. Gandilyan obtained her Master’s degree from the Trossingen University of Music in harpsichord under the instruction of professor M. Spaans. Ms. Gandilyan is currently studying fortepiano with Prof. Chr. Schornsheim in the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. Sofya has performed in concerts together with prominent baroque players and singers, such as A. Steck, L. Duftschmid, J. van Elsacker, and V. Spurny. Since 2014, Sofya has been a harpsichordist and organist at the the show, “Flying Bach,” where she plays Preludes and Fugues from the “Well­Tempered Clavier” along with other pieces by J. S. Bach.  She has performed a repertoire ranging from Frescobaldi to Martinu and Nyman in various European countries, as well as in China and USA.