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All participants who worked on the special prize "modern Russian composers", have a warm invitation to the gala concert in St. Petersburg which will take please from October 31 to November 11, 2020.  Everyone played great and earned a place at the Gala Concert.

Please let us know if you are able to come to the Gala Kontert of festival "Earth for kids".


Dear participants of Festival Clavis, 


First of all, we would like to express our appreciation for your great performances!

It is always lovely to see how talented you are, how much effort and energy you invest into your performances at the Festival Clavis!

In case you won one of the special prizes this year, please get in touch with us to talk over the further steps.

We are also happy to announce this year, Festival Clavis in 2021, is going to take place in the beautiful Bavarian city: Füssen (www.füssen.de).

In Füssen, you are going to have the opportunity to perform a 4 Minuten part of your piece from this year in the front of the Publikum at the Gala night in the Castle! The targeted date of Festival Clavis in Füssen is 25/26/27 of Jun 2021.

We are going to keep you update on the exact dates, but never the less please let us know until end of November 2020 if you are able to participate at Festival Clavis in Füssen. We are going to ensure that you can book rooms in Füssen with discount in the name of Clavis.

We are keen on to meet you in Füssen in 2021!

The Festival „Clavis Bavaria“ 2020 opened today
on July 17th, 2020!

We wish you all success!

The results can be seen here on July 22th, 2020!





The Piano Festival "Clavis" unlocks all piano lids and opens the doors for small to professional!
Clavis means "key", "button", "letter" or "note" ... the little clavis "c" we know as the first note, clavis "G" serves as the treble clef.
The main theme of the festival is the unification of all keyboard instruments, the way on from the beginning, from the source of the art of piano to today's world of piano. This is a connection between the traditions of the Russian pianoforte school with the piano art of Europe, wherein organ and harpsichord music are the basis of all pianistic knowledge.
Concerts, seminars, masterclasses of Clavichord, harpsichord, piano and organ will be offered during the three-day festival. The center of the Project are two international  Competitions for children and young People: The International Competition of Music of baroque (Harpsichord and Organ) and the International Piano  Competition. Organizers of the festival make every effort to make the piano art a bit closer and more tangible for all. All piano lovers, pianists, teachers and students are cordially invited to these two great events!

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Aleksandr Shirokov ( Russia )



Kaznacheeva Veronika ( Russia )



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