Piano Festival & Piano competition "Clavis"

We congratulate all finalists on successful performances!

We wish you continued success! 


Dear participants, we will be very glad to hear these works again at the gala concert!


Program of works for the gala concert on May 31 at 12.30 in the Beloselski-Belozerski

programm 31 5 2021

Program of works for the gala concert in PDF

Results of the international piano competition „Clavis“ / Final Round in St.Petersburg


results st petersburg q a

 Results of the international piano competition „Clavis“ / Final Round in St. Petersburg PDF




The International Piano Festival and the final
round of the „Clavis“ 2021 Piano Competition
in Saint Petersburg 28th - 31st of May 2021

The festival program:

28th of May 2021

13.00 pm - Excursion to “Die Musien schwiegen nicht” museum inside of the Schostakowitsch school

19.00 pm - Piano concert “New Names “ in Castle Kochneva, address: nab. Fontanka 41

29th of May 2021

11.00 am-18.00 pm: Possibility to swim in the Schostakowitsch school‘s swimming pool

2pm: Piano concert at the Steinway piano gallery, address: ul. Vosstaniya 42a

30th of May 2021

15.30 opening and concert 

16.30 Final round of the Clavis piano competition in the Schostakowitsch school‘s concert hall

Please register with your program at  http://www.pianofestival-clavis.com/ until the 15th of May!!! The length of the program is different for each age group, please make sure your program meets the requirement: 

            AG Q: up to 7 min 

            AG A: up to 12 min

            AG B: up to 15 min 

            AG C: up to 20 min

            AG D: up to 25 min

Every registered participant will receive a personal time schedule, including:

  • A chance to test the Blüthner grand piano for 5-10 min (instrument for final performance)
  • Access to a personal warm-up room with a piano before the performance for 1h
  • Their performance time for the finals

The following announcements will take place in the evening: 

  • The final results, in the Schostakovich school foyer as well as on the Clavis website
  • The participants‘ programs for the gala concert on the 31st of May: The jury will pick one piece from each participant‘s program for the finals.
  • Each participant‘s performance time at the gala concert on the 31st of May 

In case you cannot take part in the gala concert, please let us know as soon as possible!

31st of May 2021

Gala concert at the Beloselsky-Belozersky castle, address: Nevsky Prospekt 41

(!) Registration only possible for participants + max. 3 accompanying persons 

12.30 noon: 1st part of the gala concert

14.00 pm: 2nd part of the gala concert

The chosen finalists are required to register themselves and any persons (max. 3!) accompanying them to the gala concert on the 30th of May. 

Diplomas will be sent out to all participants as well as teachers in June. 

The festival events are free of charge in exchange for donations and  registrations via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In order to attend the concert in the Kochneva house on the 28th of May, tickets are needed. They can be bought at the Kochneva house or ordered at the St. Petersburg box office. 

pianofestival clavis 2021 en

ergebnisse großer publikumspreis n


 Results Baroque & Сlassical „Clavis 2021“

 Results Results Duo, Romantic, Moderne „Clavis 2021“


Congratulations on all of your great achievements! Everyone sent in great videos and put a lot of effort into them. We are glad to see you got so many likes! 

Thank you to everyone who kept to the requirements for the videos and printed out our Clavis sign. Thank you also for going through the trouble of recording videos, especially in light of the current limitations!

Now that we have reached the end of the two week voting period, we are delighted to announce the prize-winners of the Audience Prize (Duo, Romantic, Moderne) !

The following participants had the most „likes“ in their age group. We are surprised and excited that there were so many „likes“! This led us to decide to also award a prize to those participants who reached 100 „likes“. These are listed below as well.

AG Q: Eva/Johanna Liersch (133)

AG A: Cecilia/Ludwig Pansch (239) & Lina Müller (239)

AG B: Helena Štengl (728)

AG C: Peer Waibel-Fischer (705)

AG D: Sofie Fetter (186)

Small audience prize (over 100 „likes“):

AG Q: -

AG A: Nikolai Burovnikov (136) & Jessica Lukiyanova/Lisa Gebert (206) & Lejla Sijaric (179) & Maša Tkalčević (181) & Anastasia/Antoine Gaba-Dovi (103)

AG B: Inga/Charlotte Liersch (462) & Bade Erdoğan (554) & Isabel Agadzanov/Mark Alekseenko (297) & Elena Granara-Moser (142)

AG C: -

AG D: -

All participants who won an Audience Prize will receive their diplomas per e-mail on Sunday, the 14th of March. All the other diplomas will also be sent out in the next few days.


Clavis 2021: Evaluation tables of the participants in PDF


ATTENTION! Due to the quarantine situation in many countries, the Duo category deadline has been postponed to the next stage on February 26th!
We are happy to help the participants of the competition !
We wish you a good preparation for the competition and much success!

Piano Festival & Piano Competition "Clavis 2021"

Piano competition Clavis 2021 in PDF

We are proud to present you our concept for the „Clavis“ piano competition in 2021!

The competition will consist of two rounds: a first (digital) round, and second optional finals.

In the first round, you can choose from five categories, sorted by musical era. We would be glad to hear your program in all 5! But to qualify for the finals, you only need to participate in two: the mandatory baroque category and one more category of choice.

For each category you participate in, we ask you to record videos (requirements attached below).

There will be time between the different deadlines for sending these videos to make the recording easier. The jury will then judge the videos. Depending on the category and age group, they will also give prizes; Master titles will be awarded for extraordinary performance.

The second round- the finals, in which the participants can compete for special prizes from our international partners- are planned to take place in person in St. Petersburg, Russia (28th- 31st of May, 2021) and Füssen, southern Germany (9th-11th of July, 2021)All participants of the finals (everybody who sent in videos for the baroque category and one more category of choice) are warmly invited to St. Petersburg, where the finals will take place as a concert in the Belosselsky-Belosersky Palace. However, the number of participants is limited for Füssen, therefore the jury will be selecting the Füssen finalists based on the videos. All participants who were chosen for Füssen will be notified by the 24th of March, 2021.

We ask you to kindly specify where you would like to, and be able to, participate on the registration form. In case you are chosen for Füssen, you are warmly invited to participate in both cities! Please let us know where we will be able to welcome you in person by the 31st of March, 2021.

For more details, please consult the schematic overview of the competition enclosed.

We are looking forward to an exciting competition and wish everyone success! We are happy to assist you and answer any questions.

Best wishes, stay healthy!

The Piano Festival "Clavis" unlocks all piano lids and opens the doors for small to professional!
Clavis means "key", "button", "letter" or "note" ... the little clavis "c" we know as the first note, clavis "G" serves as the treble clef.
The main theme of the festival is the unification of all keyboard instruments, the way on from the beginning, from the source of the art of piano to today's world of piano. This is a connection between the traditions of the Russian pianoforte school with the piano art of Europe, wherein organ and harpsichord music are the basis of all pianistic knowledge.
Concerts, seminars, masterclasses of Clavichord, harpsichord, piano and organ will be offered during the three-day festival. The center of the Project are two international  Competitions for children and young People: The International Competition of Music of baroque (Harpsichord and Organ) and the International Piano  Competition. Organizers of the festival make every effort to make the piano art a bit closer and more tangible for all. All piano lovers, pianists, teachers and students are cordially invited to these two great events!

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